Proof of weak hands
One of the most popular ethereum tokens, made by TEAM JUST. At the moment there is over 40k eth locked in the smart contract. All token holders get daily eth rewards. So how does it work?
It works as an investor based game. When someone buys the token 10% gets distributed to all token holders. When they sell another 10% is substracted. So at the moment you get in you know you already lost 20%.
P3D price is heavily based on the amount of tokens in circulation. So the more people that buy in, the more it costs. And as they sell, its value is reduced.
This was the original idea. But the developers made a genius move and created games that they pay dividends to all token holders. So now there is even more incentive to hold on to them!

The games

This must be one of the most insane games ever invented! Its name means Fear of missing out. And it’s a game based on greed.
To play people have to buy keys. There is a 24 hours timer. When it runs out the last one who purchased a whole key gets the pot. When someone buys a key 30 seconds are added to the timer, which is hard capped to the original 24 hours.
The eth used in buying keys is distributed between the pot, the key holders and the p3d holders.
In the beginning people bought the keys for the dividends. In the middle they hope for them but won’t get as much as they put. And in the end they are just going for the pot.
Key prices increase over time, but really slow. Even if all the eth available goes into the contract, keys would still be affordable.
So when will it end? No one knows. It could be next week, next month, next year, next decade…
Right now there are several people running bots trying to get the pot. When all the whales but 1 gives up, then it will end.
This is the short version of FOMO3D. It works similarly, but it has a few differences. The times is capped to 5 minutes and the key prices escalate much quicker. Team Just described this game as a game of fear.
This game is a race and you bet for the leader.
A race you say? Yes, but there are no actual horses involved, but cryptocurrencies. You can select between a few coins, the one whose price increase the most over a short period of time is the winner.
This game also has its own token. None the less it still contributes to p3d holders.
So, do you haveĀ  strong, weak hands?
Is this a good investment? If Team Just manages to keep good games coming it could even be a retirement fund.
If they stagnate and or fail to deliver we will suffer a loss.
So far they have proven to be the most creative devs out there. I’m really hoping they keep up the good work!
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