This is the future. First it was p2p music. Then we starting sharing files. As the internet grew and speed was not an issue the videos came. The last thing that shocked us was cryptocurrencies. 
We come to realize that peer-to-peer technology is a poweful ruthless tool. And it’s only limited by your imagination.
Shift wants to be the platform that sets the next milestone. Decentralized web. Pages will be hosted within peers. Anyone will be able to do it and get payed in shift. 

how does it work?

Inter planetary file system (IPFS) is something a lot of coins have being working on. You basically store files p2p using blockchain technology to index and mantain the storage.
Phantom goes one step beyond. It enables IPFS to be used as web storage. It even supports managing domains!
It works as a sidechain complementing the shift blockchain. Right now is live on the testnet. When it is released on the mainnet users will be able to rent their disk space to be a part of the decentralized web.
Hydra is a content management system written in javascript. It is integrated into the storage clusters. It enables the possibility of having decentralized databases.
Databases are really important because they enable the sites to have dynamic content. What’s the point of a decentralized web if it can only have static sites?
Domain name servers are the ones in charge of finding the websites. Now if you think about it this can become really tricky if your plan is to have it hosted all over the internet.
Here is where jenga comes to save the day. It works by monitoring all the dns. Once it detects that a website is pointing to IPFS it updates all the storage nodes accordingly.
This is the closest thing to a decentralized dns lookup that exists. It makes possible for users to surf the new web without requiring them to install plugins or special browsers.
I believe this must be the most undervalued coin in the whole crypto space. The last bear run crushed its price and shrank its marketcap. If you where looking for a sleeping giant, look no more. You found it.
It’s kind of unbelievable that this coin, being so close to deliver a game changer product, has such a tiny marketcap. This is partially due because there was no ico nor it was premined.
My prediction is that with the next bullrun, or when the mainnet goes live, this is going to explode!


If you where thinking that shift was the only contender to create web 3.0 then you were wrong. There are other projects out there. Shift was the first one to start working on it. In my opinion it is the one that will get there first.
This one is a token. It held an ICO and had a lot of marketing last year. It wants to do the same thing as shift, but different. I’m not going to go into details.

Right now it was also a victim of the last bear run. But it still has a market cap 6 times bigger than shift.

It has only being around for an year, but disposing from ico funds since day one should have accelerated the process of catching up.

This one aims to decentralized the web. But it’s approach is quite different. It’s not done with hosting the web but by giving users and web owners ID’s.
So why am I even talking about it? Because a lot of people think they are going for the same goal.
This coin, apart from being a currency and providing decentralized ID’s can also have dapps through smart contracts. The idea behind the identifying users is for building a trust system in the internet. Users can create as many as they want, but in order to gain trust they need to stick to one.
At this moment it has a market cap of almost 10 times as shift.

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