Let me introduce you to Zethr. It’s an ethereum based token. It’s motto, be the house, is because when you buy in you become a shareholder of an online casino.

How does that work? It’s quite easy. Either if you want to buy or invest you need to buy ZTH tokens. At that time you will be able to select different DIV%, from 2% up to 33%. The percentage you select will be distributed to all ZTH owners twice, when you buy and when you sell. The bigger the more dividends you will earn every time someone buys and sells the token.

If you actually want to play in the casino you are better off with 2%. Because it’s the cheapest way of getting ETH in and out of the system. Now if you want to invest to be the house you probably want to get a bigger cut of the pie.

The token price is also variable. The more tokens in existence the bigger the price. But unless there is a massive flow of eth in or out you won’t see much of a change. The price swings are pretty slow.


So what percentage should you pick? Well if you have faith in zethr and don’t plan to sell your “shares” of the casino in a long time then you should get the full 33%. If your plan is going in medium term you should pick something in the middle.


If you are going to be a casino owner you must know what is being played.  At the moment there are four games, two of them are really popular. Slots and dice.

Each game has its own smart contract. Therefor the house can’t tamper with the results. This is actually great, because players don’t have to trust a third party to run away with their money or make the games deplete them un purpose.


Typical slot machines. Match the elements and win.


This is a weird one. At the moment of release these unique cards where created. Each one gets a 0.5% from every buy in of the % they represent. But one card that sucks that fee from all the different options. You own them until someone buys you out.


In this game you make a roll and try to guess whether the number rolled is above or below the threshold you selected. The smaller the threshold the bigger the gains. 


This game will run for a really long time. There is a timer, and when someone places a bid it resets the timer. When time runs out the last one that bought will take the pot.

The development team is huge and they are working on more games as you read this. The more games, the more players, the wiser is to be the house and take your cut!

So are you ready to be a part of this awesome project? I have great news for you then. If you buy in through my referral link I’ll refund you 20% of the percentage they pay me for your buy in. For example if you buy 1 eth worth of tokens at 33% and I get 0,1 eth then I’ll send you 0,02 eth back. All you need to do is send me the tx of your purchase through here or discord to brecker#3171. The only case I will not honor this promise is if the cost of sending exceeds the amount to be send. So don’t expect the refund if you make a 0.01 buy in.

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